- Over 300 cool tricks to learn

- Includes: 90 minute instructional DVD

- The included table converts into a working illusion to perform amazing tricks

- Bonus: DVD footage of Houdini and other great magicians

- Also include instruction booklet


This award winning magic kit has over 300 of the coolest magic tricks ever assembled in one set, including a real magician’s Illusion box which can vanish and produce objects, as well as transform one object into another. Also included in this truly amazing collection of effects are cups and balls, multiplying balls, the amazing money making machine, the Phantom deck of cards, the magic card box, the magical mystery box, the linking rings, the chain escape, and much more! You not only get an instruction booklet, but also a 90 minute instructional DVD with included footage of Houdini, Blackstone, Flosso and other great magicians. This set has tricks good enough for proffessionals to perform, yet it's easy enough for an 8 year old to do!

Fantasma - Legends of Magic Set


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