My name is Richard Kettle and I created the school magic club back in 2011, since then I have produced and developed a structured magic tuition programme for children aged 7 and over. I now have a trust-worthy, professional and enthusiastic team to help deliver the popular club in primary schools.

The aim has always been to inspire children and grow individuals confidence by demonstrating and teaching amazing magic tricks. Accessing this kind of magic tuition is unique and only available in primary schools. 


With our confidence-rewarding stickerbook system and our amazing team, we deliver a professional and hugely popular activity club that has proven equally popular amongst girls and boys!

Welcome To Ketsy's Young Magicians

Since 2011, our Ketsy's Young Magicians stickerbook has evolved through various iterations into a new and improved Magicians Master Manual. The book is a collection of hand-picked and age appropriate magic tricks that introduces children to many different types of effect (mathematical, self working,  dexterity focused, performance based and combination).

Children work through the book by achieving skill stickers for each of the 3 levels: Conjurer, Illusionist & Young Magician.

Stickers are awarded in a non-competitive way and are focused purely at growing confidence.

The Sticker Manual

Building Confidence

The club content, staff training and ongoing ethos of the club works to build children's confidence with positive and energetic appraisal of each individuals performance. We reward practise and ensure that skill stickers are awarded non-competetively.


Children also love to receive and take home our Ketsy's Young Magicians certificates. Often awarded in school assemblies, these certificates mark the completion of each of the 3 skill levels.

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