Meet The Magicians

Richard is a professional Magician and performs regularly at weddings, corporate events & parties. Performing fingertip miracles with cards, sponge balls, coins, cups & balls, ropes,  keys, notes, mind-reading effects and more, Richard loves to inspire and entertain all!

He created Ketsy's Young Magicians in 2011 with a view to offering children access to magic tuition in schools. He designed the sticker book programme after trialling the club in a few schools, researching which magic tricks bring out the best in children and fine tuning the content. 

With nothing like this available when he was at school, Richard is dedicated to offering the club to as many children as possible. 

Jared is both a fantastic close up magician and children's party magician. Joining the company in 2014, he has plenty of experience in successfully delivered Ketsy's Young Magicians before-school, lunchtime and after-school clubs.

Jared provides ongoing creative input to the company and has managed external magic workshops and children's parties.

Bringing a humorous approach to teaching magic, Jared engages with the children and helps each child progress through the sticker manual.

The newest member of the team, Thomas has an abundance of energy and enthusiasm for the role. He has quickly shown the ability to inspire, time-manage and control the club sessions in primary schools.

With a background in demonstrating magic sets at Hamley's, Tom has a warm manner and has already proven very popular amongst children partaking in the club.

With extensive training and teaching at weekly sessions with both Richard and Jared, Tom runs each school club confidently and consistently.

Tom is also in charge of half term magic workshops.

* Our Magician Tutors are able to produce enhanced DBS certificates and public liability insurance documents.

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